Glad to be in the village! Why the chameleon?

Welcome to the village!

One of the main questions we’ve gotten since our launch has been “Why The Chameleon Village? What is that supposed to mean?”

Allow me to clarify so that we can trot in sync.


We are in the business of using site-specific theatre to help build community, provide a venue for artistic exploration, and contribute to an overall appreciation of Macon’s underutilized scenery.


Yes, it changes colors. Yes, the word “chameleon” is one of those words you let auto-correct handle. Also, some people own them as pets.

None of these points went into the making of the name; nevertheless, we all like fun facts, right?

The chameleon image represents The Chameleon Village Theatre Company’s ability to adapt to our performance spaces and new artistic challenges. Whether it be a new business or an old library, we can adapt to every one.


Village is another way of saying community. One of our main goals as a theatre company is to build connections with artists, businesses, and engage the Macon community. Together, we will remind them why Macon should not be underestimated.


By keeping up with the blog you have access to Chameleon Village audition announcements, media, workshops, new community partnerships, upcoming events and more!

You can also stay connected through our Facebook (TheChameleonVillage) & Twitter (TheChamVilla) pages! Also, feel free to go to our Contact us page to further connect!

Lastly, we will periodically post pictures of places in Macon with beauty that have been overlooked. We chose to use one of those images for our first post! It was taken in Downtown Macon at the terminal station during sunset.

It only takes a new perspective to give something worth. Let’s give them something to look at.

-The Village

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