Macon, Where Love is Needed


Today’s image came from east Macon. It was tweeted a few days ago,

but it deserves a full post because it really summaries the main principle

needed in Macon, love. Love is at the heart of The Chameleon Village Theatre Company’s

mission. Yes, we are a site-specific theatre company, but our vision is much larger than

that. We want Macon to appreciate its talent, its beauty and its growth.

It’s significant that this image came from east Macon, because east Macon is one

of those places that seems to have been forgotten or written off. It’s as if the person

who made it was saying “Love is needed here too. Don’t forget about us”.

This piece is in a place that is underused, underutilized and under-appreciated.

It’s time to take a closer look at what Macon has to offer. It’s time to take a look at

the hidden beauty of this great city. It’s time to open our eyes and see not only

the places that are blossoming, but those places that need love.

Do you agree?

Welcome to the village.

Stay tuned as we turn this city’s under-appreciated landscape into an artistic masterpiece.

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