PRESS RELEASE: The Chameleon Village and The 567 Bring Site-Specific Theatre to Macon

Hey Villagers!

Check out the press release for The Chameleon Village’s premier piece, Cope! It’s free. It’s on First Friday in August. You should come out and support local art. Why support local art? Support local art because it is one of the vital building blocks for a healthy community. See you August 7th!


The Chameleon Village and The 567 Bring Site-Specific Theatre to Macon

Macon, GA — Two Macon art organizations, The 567 Center for Renewal and The Chameleon Village Theatre Company, have come together to bring site-specific theatre to downtown Macon. On August 7, 2015, The 567 will host The Chameleon Village’s premier piece, Cope, during its First Friday exhibit opening.

This event is the official launch of The Chameleon Village. The mission of the fledging theatre company is to use site-specific theatre to bring new appreciation to underused areas, create a venue for collaboration between local artists and businesses, and provide an outlet for local talent. By teaming up, The Chameleon Village and The 567 hope to spark new interests in the arts community…Read more.


Thank you to the Cast of Cope

Hey there Villagers!

As we enter out third week of rehearsal, we want to take a moment to thank the wonderful individuals who are making our premier piece Cope possible. Congratulations to the cast of Cope!  Each of these women come from different theatrical backgrounds, but they are bringing a sense of joy and family to the rehearsal process. You will forever be the cast of the first show from The Chameleon Village and we will forever be grateful to have had this experience with you. Welcome to the village, ladies.

Jordan Ealey  SHANNON Haley's older sibling. Put together.
Jordan Ealey
Haley’s older sibling. Put together.
Sarah Clater  HALEY  Shannon's younger sibling. Painter.
Sarah Clater
Shannon’s younger sibling. Painter.
Pleona Allegra Bell SHANNON  (Understudy)
Pleona Allegra Bell

Synopsis: As Haley and her older sibling Shannon are hanging up the pieces in Haley’s new art gallery, she realizes something important is missing. After tireless searching without results, tensions rise, confessions surface, blame is thrown and it becomes evident that Haley’s frustration is about more than just a lost gift.

Thanks for keeping up with us! We will see you on the 7th of August! Posters and press release underway!

-The Chameleon Village