Auditions: So the Shrink Says

Auditions for our upcoming show, “So the Shrink Says,” is a night of two short plays!

Audition Dates: July 28th & 29th

Time: 7-9PM

Where: [&] Guild Hall at 503 5th Street, Macon GA 31201


Play: The Color Game 


WALTER – 40s. Jerry’s father. Single father. Unsure of how to care for Jerry. Insecure. Wants a “normal” son/daughter.

JERRY – Child/Pre-teen/Early teens. Walter’s son/daughter. Has a mental disorder that influences social and mental skills in children. Sees the world in a magical way. Emotional and loving.

 MS. WATSON – 30s/40s. Jerry’s therapist. A government-employed therapist who specializes in neglected/abused children. 

Play: Home


ANDREA – 20s/30s. Xavier’s wife. “Alternative.” Flighty.  Tattoo artist. Lost her daughter.

XAVIER – 20s/30s. Andrea’s husband. Sensitive. Passionate. Damaged. Lost his daughter.


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