Chameleon Village Comes to Akron OH

The Chameleon Village’s founder has relocated to Akron, OH and has teamed up with Art x Love and Gum-Dip Theatre through the @PLAY project to create an original play about Akron called Rebranding the City. Snippets of the piece were staged for Akron’s StageFest on June 2nd.¬† More to come throughout the year!

Rebranding the City: A Humanizing Tour of Akron 

Rebranding the City is a series of theatrical vignettes shaped as a tour trying to convince people to come to (and stay) in Akron. The play is 75% based off of interviews with people from Akron’s 24 neighborhoods and serves as a humorous (and sometimes serious), self-reflective look at where Akron came from, where it is now and where it plans to go all while giving a platform for the voices of its residents. Welcome to Akron, a place that many call home.


Rebranding the City Poster: Design by CH Designs


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