Chameleon Village Comes to Akron OH

The Chameleon Village’s founder has relocated to Akron, OH and has teamed up with Art x Love and Gum-Dip Theatre through the @PLAY project to create an original play about Akron called Rebranding the City. Snippets of the piece were staged for Akron’s StageFest on June 2nd.  More to come throughout the year!

Rebranding the City: A Humanizing Tour of Akron 

Rebranding the City is a series of theatrical vignettes shaped as a tour trying to convince people to come to (and stay) in Akron. The play is 75% based off of interviews with people from Akron’s 24 neighborhoods and serves as a humorous (and sometimes serious), self-reflective look at where Akron came from, where it is now and where it plans to go all while giving a platform for the voices of its residents. Welcome to Akron, a place that many call home.


Rebranding the City Poster: Design by CH Designs


Thanks to our Partners



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