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The Chameleon Village Theatre Company is a site-specific theatre initiative in Macon, GA. The Chameleon Village's mission is to bring new appreciation to underused and/or under-appreciated areas, create a venue for collaboration between local artists and businesses, and provide an outlet for local talent.

The Chameleon Village Presents: A Night of Improv [Dress Rehearsal Gallery]

Thank you to Pyhura Photo and Luke Usry Photography for these amazing pictures from our [barefoot] dressed rehearsal. See you on Saturday!

Auditions: So the Shrink Says

Auditions for our upcoming show, “So the Shrink Says,” is a night of two short plays!

Audition Dates: July 28th & 29th

Time: 7-9PM

Where: [&] Guild Hall at 503 5th Street, Macon GA 31201


Play: The Color Game 


WALTER – 40s. Jerry’s father. Single father. Unsure of how to care for Jerry. Insecure. Wants a “normal” son/daughter.

JERRY – Child/Pre-teen/Early teens. Walter’s son/daughter. Has a mental disorder that influences social and mental skills in children. Sees the world in a magical way. Emotional and loving.

 MS. WATSON – 30s/40s. Jerry’s therapist. A government-employed therapist who specializes in neglected/abused children. 

Play: Home


ANDREA – 20s/30s. Xavier’s wife. “Alternative.” Flighty.  Tattoo artist. Lost her daughter.

XAVIER – 20s/30s. Andrea’s husband. Sensitive. Passionate. Damaged. Lost his daughter.


Thank you – Cupid #5

Thank you to the cast of Cupid #5 Rickie Baldwin as THE NARRATOR and Jordan Ealey as INDIGO and all who attended!  We would also like to thank the Lost Keys Literary Festival for allowing us to write the original play to premiere at their event.

The Chameleon Village can write an original piece for your event or business too!

Contact us for further details!

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Cupid #5 – Play Synopsis: Year after year Indigo has been waiting to find a special someone and this V-Day she decides to take it into her own hands. She sets up a blind date and everything goes downhill. Luckily, we have the fun and charismatic Narrator to walk us through her dismay.

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Welcome to the Village.

Improv! Get your improv here!

Do you like improv?

The Cham Villa is now looking for individuals interested in joining our newest initiative; forming an improv troupe. If you’re interested, please contact us!  We would love to have you!

Welcome to the village.



Creepy Pop-up Advertisement in Downtown Macon: The Lost Keys Literary Festival

Welcome back villagers!

Throughout the month of September, The Chameleon Village is performing a pop-up advertisement for The Lost Keys Literary Festival. The Lost Keys Literary Festival (try saying that quickly 15 times) is a a local organization that strives to give literature and writing “a strong presence in local arts”. On October 2nd and 3rd, The Lost Keys Literary Festival will have a series of workshops, readings, panel discussions and more! Check out their website and come out to support. If you don’t, these freaky figures in black will be popping up throughout downtown Macon to find you…MUWHAHAHAHAHA!

Photo Credit: Mark Thompson 

Sign up for Chameleon’s Artist Roster

Calling all villagers! I say, calling all villagers!

One of the goals of The Chameleon Village Theatre Company is to give local artists a place to showcase and cultivate their talent. Therefore, we would like to extend a call to Middle Georgia artists to sign up for the artist roster. Whether you are a dancer, musician, poet, singer, actor, creative writer, makeup artist, etc., when we are in need of your specific skill(s), we will be able to send an announcement directly to you! We want to make sure you are included in the artistic process so you have a chance use your talents! Please email the information below to

  • Name
  • Artistic Skills
  • Interests
  • Email address

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the village!

Cope: Thank you Macon for a Successful Show

Hello Villagers,

Cope came and went. We appreciate each and every person who showed up to support us. For those who wanted to be there, we appreciate your kind words and thoughts. We were glad to have brought so many Maconites together to experience art and theatre, even if it was only for a short amount of time. It was a beautiful moment and the community received us with open arms.

The cast and crew of Cope at our first cast party at The Rookery.

Thank you to The 567 Center for Renewal for allowing us to partner with them for this premier piece. Thank you to the Macon Arts Alliance for helping us immerse ourselves in the arts community. Thank you to the Knight Foundation for a blog post covering our mission.




Our next piece will be with The Lost Keys Festival. Stay tuned and welcome to the village, Macon.

If you missed it, feel free to check out pictures from the show taken by Ryan Alexander.